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1987 Porsche 930 Turbo ***SOLD***

29. September, 2013

This beautiful black on black original 930 Turbo comes with a unique background having been previously owned by former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.
As quoted by the Mayor “Every Highway Patrol officer in California knew my car and license plate. I made sure they did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to establish the land speed records I did, going from San Francisco to Sacramento, a ninety mile trip, in just an hour”

From the day it arrived in San Diego to the present this 930 Turbo has been religiously serviced and maintained. This California only car has extensive records from day one to the present and shows the meticulous care it was provided. The very extensive Pre-purchase Inspection just performed on this car confirms this.

Finding another 930 Turbo in this color combination along with the servicing and maintenance it has is very rare.

The 930 Turbo has a strong following and collectors recognize it as one of the most fascinating air cooled cars that Porsche produced. Shifting the very stout 4-speed manual transmission as power builds is an exhilarating experience.

Pre-purchase Inspection Report and Service Records available upon request.